All you really need to enjoy a Dress-Me Notepad is a single pencil, but we've picked out some of our favorite products to pair with our notepads. Whether you want to beef-up a gift or expand your child's creative possibilities, add a few of these to your Dress-Me Notepad order for a little extra fun.




Origami Paper provides your child with loads of pattern options to help bring to life all their sartorial dreams, so they can cut and paste their way to New York Fashion Week. It's always fun to have options when dressing your notepads!


Mini Colored Pencil Set

Tiny pencils for tiny people with big ideas! These mini colored pencil sets are perfect for pairing with Dress-Me Notepads as gifts or party favors. We love the idea of having a staple gift your child takes to all those birthday parties they're invited to, so keep some Dress-Me notepads along with these cute colored pencil sets stowed away for such an event. OR give them to attendees of your kid's art or fashion themed birthday party. What better to send home with party guests than something constructive rather than disposable!


Carrying Case

Need to take your Dress-Me Notepads and some art supplies on your aground-town errands or to church or maybe to the doctor's office waiting room? This Herschel Supply Pouch is a nice way to keep your creativity portable! (measures 14.9 x 7.5 x 2)


Craft scissors

Say you want a scalloped hem on a dress or a zig-zag cut for that Peter-Pan costume you want to make for your Dress-Me Notepad. These scissors offer fun options for your kids to explore when creating!


Fjallraven Mini Backpack for Mini Artists

Don't let travels hinder your kids from expressing their artistic side. Take the art along on the adventure with this classic Fjallraven mini backpack, which is the perfect size for transporting all their supplies and making creativity always accessible.


Gel Pens

Gel pens are so fun and vibrant. This set, complete with colorable packaging, is a great gift for any little artist. Even better with a Dress-Me notepad or two ;)


Rainbow Pencil Set

What a cute pencil set with extra cute packaging! For those who can never settle on one color, give them the option to use all the colors of the rainbow at once.


Glitter Shakers

When in doubt, add glitter! Imagine the fashion world without glitter. It's not a world I want to live in, and neither should kids. Give them the option to glitter their creations!


Invisible Ink Marker Set

Think along the lines of The Emperor's New Clothes, and let your kids create invisible outfits and/or messages on their Dress-Me Notepads with these super fun Invisible Ink markers! Just another layer of creativity for those little creators.


Small Carrying Case

Slip this in your purse, complete with Dress-Me notepad and crayons or markers, for those desperate times when you just need something, ANYTHING, to occupy your little ones.


20-in-1 Colorful Crayons

This fun coloring contraption is a favorite memory from the 1980's. Another great option to pair with Little-Biscuit notepads for party favors!