I'm the artist behind your Little-Biscuits portrait, and I am a mother to four little biscuits of my own. There's nothing sweeter to a parent than the faces of his or her children, even if those children are furry and have four legs! That's why I do what I do. Children and pets possess a certain indescribable quality that should be packaged and cherished and shared. When creating portraits, I try to do just that, to find that little spark and create a keepsake that illustrates that spark and unique personality of each and every child and pet. 

Over the years as an artist and mom, I've noticed that people, young and old, seem to sincerely enjoy seeing drawings of themselves. Whenever I've taken the time to illustrate and personalize birthday invites for my kiddos, they've gotten such joy out of them! They even want to dig out the invitations and revisit them years later and ooo and aaah and reminisce. There's just something fun and special about seeing yourself in art. So let's work together to create something you and your kids will love and appreciate for years to come! Thanks for visiting Little-Biscuits!



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